Facebook Messenger Bot

Can answer up to 50 different queries / Bot can send pictures, videos and audio / Demo link

Lead Generator

Facebook lead scrapper. Generate leads in just one click.

Live Chat Support

Yuu Support's live chat software enhances your customer’s digital experience by extending a helpful human presence. Simply connecting with your customers—where, when and how they want—dramatically increases customer satisfaction and boosts sales. Unlimited website and users.

POS and Inventory System

DHA POS is a complete Point of Sale (POS) and Inventory with barcode system. Whether you are a single user with a small kiosk, or the owner of retail chains; whether you have less than a hundred or several thousands of items, DHA POS is absolutely for you.

Project Management and CRM

Easy CRM is an easy to use web based contact & sales management system. It's great for managing your sales pipeline, contacts, notes, emails and activities in one place so you can easily share information within your organization.

School Management System

eSchool is a complete management system for Schools. Manages administrative control along with standard access to teacher, student and parent for all necessary facilities.

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